This will be predominantly a fitness-style class with some yoga moves included to increase its effectiveness.
This class is for those who like to mix their yoga with a more intense style workout while being active outdoors.
• If you are keen to shed unwanted weight and get fit and strong
• If you enjoy being outside and not afraid to get a little dirty and muddy once in a while
• If you like the feeling of the positive rush of endorphins through the body
- this class is for you!!

Its main focus is fat burning and toning of all muscle groups to make you feel lean and confident.

You don't have to be super fit to participate - all levels welcome. This class is designed in such a way that can be adopted to each individual ability without affecting the group. If you are starting on your journey to better fitness or are already very sporty and want to increase your performance by cross training, this class will be equally beneficial in getting you to your goal.

The class will be a mix of 3 types of activities:

1) Bodyweight Resistance Training - Exercises that are designed to engage maximum number of muscles in one movement, and mimic your natural functional movement patterns and hence develop your strength and fitness that would be useful in improving your quality of life (as opposed to isolated gym equipment exercises that only work on a few muscles at a time and often make you work in superficial range of motion that is rarely utilised in your day-to-day life.)

2) Yoga Postures and Sequences - Performed in between the resistance training moves to work the muscles in a static way (which increases blood flow to that particular muscle). By bringing more nutrient-rich oxygenated blood to the area, we will promote faster muscular development, moreover, the nature of most yoga moves brings a more balanced development to all the muscles trained during the workout.

3) Cardiovascular Interval Training - designed to improve your heart-centered fitness as well as increase your body's fat burning capability during, and even after your workout. This will involve running, jumping, skipping, kick boxing and other fun activities.

To increase its effectiveness even further by keeping your muscles and joints supple, - the class will start and finish with a yoga warm up and cool down and deep guided relaxation (weather permitting) to help you regenerate and become stronger faster.

This class is held in English, most of our teachers do speak some French, don't hesitate to ask for help understanding.

Ce cours est un cours de fitness. Il améliora votre cardio, votre force et forme physique avec des exercises de Pilates, la course, la danse et le kick boxing. Idéale pour ceux qui veulent perdre du poids, transpirer et s'amuser! Pas besoin de tapis de yoga, par contre prenez une bouteille d'eau et des chaussures de sport.

We will meet at Tour First, 1 Place des Saisons, 92000, Courbevoie. From here we will make our way over to the training area.


This class is subject to cancellation depending on weather conditions. If the teacher deems the conditions or forecast unsafe or too disagreeable then the class will be cancelled 2 hours or more before the start time. An auto-email will be sent out to students and credit will be restored to accounts. Please check the schedule on days where the weather forecast looks questionable.

-Low Attendance

Classes with 4 or less students will be cancelled 2 hours before the class. An auto-email will be sent out and credit restored to accounts.


- This class will require you to wear trainers / sports shoes.
- Please wear comfortable clothes, and several layers so that they can keep you warm during the warm up and cool down, but something that you can take off during the main part as you may get a bit hot and sweaty.
- Water Bottle
- Yoga mat or Towel - not necessary but it is likely to provide you more comfort during the yoga parts of the class.

Can be adapted to all levels from beginner to advanced, so all levels are welcome at all classes. The instructor will demonstrate all exercises in detail and give different options for participants of different levels.

Any problems, follow link for teacher's phone numbers:

*If you need to contact the instructor, please do so at least 20 minute before the start of class. As our teachers will be busy checking in students with their personal smartphones 15 minutes before class, please text as opposed to calling as they will most likely not be able to take a call. No communication will be possible after the start of class.

As we will be exercising outdoors, there are no dedicated changing facilities. If it is possible, please come changed into your exercise clothes.

Please notify your instructor if you have undergone any recent surgeries or are currently experiencing any physical injuries. While yogic bootcamp has many very beneficial health effects, we want to know how to best work with each of our student’s individual restrictions. Please consult a doctor if you have any personal concerns about practicing this type of physical fitness.