Barre au Sol (Floor Barre)

This class is taught by:

Hayley Rowlands

Hayley Rowlands is a fully certified RYT 200hour yoga teacher. To gain her certification, Hayley travelled to India – the birth place of yoga – and completed an intensive teacher-training course with The Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre in Goa. She was born in South Wales, UK, and currently resides in Paris, France.

Hayley first came to Paris to work as a professional dancer, and fell in love with the city and its openness to the artistic side of life. Her career as a professional dancer has now spanned 12 years, and she feels fortunate to have worked internationally for over a decade.

Throughout her career as a dancer, Hayley has always found solace in yoga practice; she has always utilised yoga as a means of escaping the demands of her fast-paced profession. The consistently strenuous nature of her work, however, concluded in many injuries. This marked a significant turning point for Hayley and, most importantly, her relationship with yoga. She started using the postures in asana as a way to rehabilitate and grew to appreciate the healing properties of yoga. Becoming increasingly devoted, Hayley’s knowledge of the philosophy behind yoga developed and it became abundantly clear to her that she needed more than just physical fitness to feel truly happy. Through yoga, Hayley began to nurture her mind and spirit, as well as her body. Yoga has brought Hayley a sense of contentment and joy; it makes her feel healthier – both physically and mentally.

In Hayley’s classes, she combines her extensive knowledge of dance and yoga, ensuring her students’ movements are precise, whilst utilising a range of breathing techniques to achieve calmness. Hayley’s loving and thoughtful personality shines through during each of her classes, and she always fosters a relaxed, non-judgemental environment. She strives to ensure her students feel free to push themselves, whist maintaining focus on the mind. Through promoting harmony between the body, mind and spirit, Hayley is extremely committed to helping others to thrive. She endeavours to lead a practice that is challenging and focused; however, her adaptability means that she can tailor her practice to suit her students’ needs and abilities. It is of upmost importance to Hayley that yoga is accessible.

Having experienced first-hand the positive impact that yoga can have on a person’s wellbeing, Hayley is incredibly passionate about the everlasting benefits of yoga, and she is committed to bringing yoga to everyone.

Gillian Grant

Gillian is an American Yoga (500 RYT) and Ballet Barre teacher living in Paris for over a decade. Yoga became a major part of her life after giving birth to her son over 10 years ago. Her practice has helped to maintain balance in her personal and professional life. Teaching for Gillian is a way to help others also find balance in the often hectic urban environment. Also, as a student and practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine, Gillian finds much joy in working with homeopathy as an alternative way of healing that is complementary to modern medicine. As a Reiki master, she has practiced the healing arts through touch and the redirection of energy in the body.
Gillian completed her first Yoga training (200 RYT) at the Sivananda Ashram in Orleans, France. The Sivananda style is very traditional Hatha with a major focus on meditation and spirituality. Hatha is a slow and steady practice that helps build a strong body and mind while focusing on the breath and energy centers of the body. She completed her Kundalini Yoga training with 3HO, the association formed by the Guru Yogi Bhajan to bring the practice of Kundalini to the West. Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to give you an experience of your soul.
Gillian's most recent training (300 RYT) was at The Association for Yoga and Meditation (AYM) in Rishikesh, India. Her Yoga specializations include: Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Power Yoga and Kundalini. She is also certified in Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic massage.
In 2015, Gillian completed her Ballet Barre training with BarreConcept and world-renowned teacher Emma Newham. Gillian's Ballet Barre and Barre au Sol (Floor Barre) are a mixture of traditional Ballet foot and arm positions, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Pilates, Yoga and Bootcamp. Her classes are dynamic, positive, and fun with upbeat music and will leave you feeling strong in your entire body and ready to take on the world!

This exciting exercise regime is based on movements and techniques of ballet training in seated and prone (lying on the stomach) positions. The combined elements of ballet, pilates, and yoga forms a challenging and engaging workout which stretches and strengthens the muscles.
This class will work your body in an efficient and dynamic way with the aim of toning, increasing flexibility, and alignment awareness whilst developing heightened coordination and muscle control.
Focus will be on targeting muscle groups around the legs, hips, glutes, and core. As the class is practiced on the floor, the body will not feel the usual effects of gravity - making it a very fluid practice.
This barre class - without the barre - is suitable for all levels. Set to some vibrant, upbeat music, the different sequences will give you a strong workout through constant flow and variety of movements.
A mat or at least a towel is strongly recommended.

- Just like for yoga, comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely with no restriction are recommended.
- This class is mostly done bare foot, however students can wear dance shoes or specially designed ballet barre grip socks available at most dance outfitters.

- Please bring water and a sweat towel if you would like.
- Due to some exercises that take place on the floor, a yoga or fitness mat is recommended for safety.

*Yoga mats are available to purchase for 24€ each. Non-toxic materials, variety of colors, size: 63cm x 183cm. Follow link to purchase:

Mats can be delivered to our classes in the locations in 75001 (St. Roch); 75015 (Etienne Pernet) and 75009 (Studio Bleu). Once ordered, email, and let us know during which class and at which location you would like to pick up your mat. Please bring your receipt to the class. In some cases a few days notice may be needed to make sure the mat is at the class, so we appreciate your patience if and when this happens.


This class is open to every level of practitioner from beginners on up. Our instructors give careful guidance to ensure that everyone is comfortable in the foundation of the posture, and modifications to increase or decrease the intensity of each position will be available. Feel free to ask for modifications. This class is open to both men and women, any age and every physical ability.


As we rent space in several venues across Paris, please verify the class location as listed on our schedule:
Location addresses and transportation details can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page:

When you enter the building, look for the Affordable Yoga signs to guide you to your specific room.

Any problems, follow link for teacher's phone numbers:

*Please note that there is limited mobile phone reception at the studios. If you need to contact the instructor, please do so at least 20 minute before the start of class. Since our teachers will be busy checking in students with their personal smartphones starting 15 minutes before class, please send a text as opposed to calling as they will most likely not be able to take a call. No communication will be possible after the start time of class.

Please notify your instructor if you have undergone any recent surgeries or are currently experiencing any physical injuries. While yoga has many very beneficial health effects, we want to know how to best work with each of our student’s individual restrictions. Please consult a doctor if you have any personal concerns about practicing yoga or fitness.

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