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Hiking Yoga Retreat on the Camino October 26-30 with Gillian Grant Next held on Thu, 26 Oct 2017 at 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
This enrollment runs from Thu 26 Oct 2017 - Mon 30 Oct 2017
Join Affordable Yoga & Fitness on a 3 day journey hiking along the iconic route, the Camino de Santiago, and practice yoga daily in one of the most beautiful and spiritual natural settings in the world.


- 3 full days of hiking with your own AY&F guide
- 6 yoga classes (45 minutes each)
- Daily walking meditations
- 70km of travelling on foot
- Accommodation and dinners organized for you by AY&F


The Camino de Santiago, also known as St. James's Way in English and Le Chemin de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle in French, is the name of any of the pilgrimage routes to the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain where tradition has it that the remains of the saint are buried. Even prior to this Catholic pilgrimage, the Camino was a path of migration for many other groups of people including Pagans, Celts, Goths, and Muslims. While many take up this route as a form of spiritual retreat, others may do it purely for love of hiking and fitness.

Whatever your reasons may be, we invite you to join us for 3 full days of traveling on foot from Pamplona Spain to Los Arcos for a total of 70 kilometers. For the very affordable price of 86€ per day you will receive guidance on one of the oldest and well-known pilgrimage routes in the world along with walking meditations, yoga sessions, and more!

GETTING THERE AND BACK AGAIN (additional, separate cost)

You are responsible for booking your own transportation to and from the retreat. The earlier you book, the better for prices and availability. You may choose to arrive earlier or stay later and do additional exploring based on your preferences.
Here are our suggestions for the retreat dates:

By Plane from France

From Paris to Pamplona.

To Return to Paris:

Buses from Los Arcosto Pamplona, there are several per day and take about 90mins. Then there are also multiple flight options and itineraries from Pamplona to Paris.

***We advise getting transportation tickets that are refundable in the event that the trip cannot take place for any unforeseeable reason such as not enough participants, trial guide illness or emergency, dangerous weather forecast, etc.


Day 1

-Upon arrival to Pamplona, we meet at the Pilgrim Welcome Center and the Albergue Municipal.

-After receiving our Pilgrim Passports and checking into the Albergue, we will have dinner and relax until bedtime.

Day 2

* Pamplona – Puente la Reina – 24.2km

The route from Pamplona is a mixture of countryside and busy roads, and one of the best views that you are ever likely to have of Pamplona. Leaving Pamplona the route is well marked out of the city and takes you across some local parks before heading into a small valley.

The 12th Century Church of San Miguel has a fortified tower and was part of the Monastery de las Hospitalarios de San Juan de Jerusalen. The church was restored during the late 20th century after being used for farm storage for more than 100 years.

The climb up the Alto del Perdon leaves the Atlantic Basin behind and the scenery changes after the descent to mostly crop fields. At the top there are various status of pilgrims from the past.

The town of Puente la Reina was granted a charter in 1122 by Alfonso el Batallador to encourage repopulation. At that time a wall encircled the new layout of parallel streets perpendicular to the river. In 1142 King Garcia handed the town over to the Knights Templar who owned the town until they were outlawed and their expulsion from Spain in the early 14th century. Calle Mayor is the main street and the route travels the length. Here you will find many cafes and restaurants feeding hungry pilgrims.

-We will wake early in the morning and leave the Albergue by 7h30, have some breakfast at a local café, and start our hike for the day by 8h.

-Around 11h, we will pause our hike for a 45 minute yoga practice on the mountain before eating a picnic lunch.

-We will continue our hike around 12h30

-Restorative Yoga will be offered for 45 minutes before dinner.

-Dinner will be either in one of the local restaurants with the Pilgrim's menu or we will cook a community dinner.

-Bedtime around 22h.

Day 3

* Puente la Reina – Estella – 21.7km

This day on the Camino follows closely to the N11 and climbs steeply to 450m after leaving Puente la Reina drops back to 400m then climbs again to 500m and finally drops to about 430m entering Estella. This day is much quieter than the last two now that we are away from Pamplona, most of today is along tracks through farmland and sometimes on the special pilgrims footpaths that is constructed from compacted earth.

After crossing the Pilgrims Bridge leaving Puente la Reina walk down to the next bridge to get the best view and photographs of the most famous bridge along the Camino.

We will pass through the small, quaint village of Cirauqui, which is Basque for viper nest in reference to the rocky hill on which it is built. The village with a population of about 500 retains much of its enchanting medieval character. The Church of San Roman, the reason we walk to the top of the village, was originally constructed in the 13th century and remodelled in 1692. The church has an impressive Gothic multi-lobed main portal.

Leaving Cirauqui the route leads along a stretch of Roman road flanked by cypress trees and over a restored Roman bridge.

Estella was a planned town built on the former village of Lizarra, (Basque for Ash due to the abundance of ash trees around the river Ega). One of the reasons for Estella being so interesting is the Camino route was changed slightly in 1090 by King Sancho Ramirez who wanted to encourage settlement in the new town.

For such a small compact town Estella has an overwhelming amount of sights to see that were built due to the Camino passing through the town.

Next to the tourist office is the 12th century Palace of the Kings it was built by Sancho el Sabio and is an excellent example of Romanesque civil architecture built in the style of the palaces in the French Benedictine area of Cluny. Although it was built as a palace there is no records to suggest that any monarchs lived here.

The Church of San Pedro de la Rua is a 12th century fortified Romanesque church, which was located in the original French area. Within the church is a fragment of the True Cross and a bone of San Andres.

The Church of San Miguel, half church - half castle, controls the eastern approaches to Estella.

-Sunrise Yoga in the courtyard of the Albergue before leaving for the day.

-Breakfast at café along the way

-Pause for lunch around Midday

-Restorative Yoga for 45 minutes offered before dinner.

-Community dinner in the Albergue or dinner at a local restaurant with the Pilgrim's menu.

-Bedtime around 22h.

Day 4

* Estella – Los Arcos – 22.5km

The day starts at about 400 meters and reaches its height at Monjardin around 650 meters. From here to Los Arcos you will be walking along gravel tracks that are surrounded by vineyards and farm land. There are great views down along long sloping tracks, which make the latter half of the day easy on the eyes and the feet.

The route passes by the famous wine fountain at the ancient Monastery of Irache in Ayegui. There are two fountains, built in 1991, which are known as the Wine Source and Source Irache, one dispenses wine and the other fresh water. The fountain is gated and open between 8am and 8pm daily.

There are two signs at the fountain:

“We are pleased to invite you to drink in moderation. If you wish to take the wine with you, you will have to buy it.”

“Pilgrim, if you wish to arrive at Santiago full of strength and vitality, have a drink of this great wine and make a toast to happiness.”

-Pause along the way for 45 minutes of yoga before lunch.

-Community dinner or at a local restaurant.

Day 5
-Morning yoga class

-Breakfast across the street from the Albergue.

-Parting ways! Some of us may travel together by bus back to Pamplona, or, you can stay and enjoy another few days in Los Arcos!


For just 345€ per person (or around 86€ per day), your journey includes:

- 4 dinners : Options for local restaurants with Pilgrim's Menus and cooking community dinners with ingredients bought along the path by the organizers

- 4 nights of hostels

- Trail guidance with motivational and mindful walking meditations

- 2 Yoga classes per day

What our price does not include:

- Breakfasts and lunches. Food items can be purchased in towns at grocery stores and cafes along the way at cost. Lunches will be picnic-style.

- Transportation from and to Paris. Please See Bus and Plane options listed above.


For dinners at local restaurants, here are some dishes that can be found on the Pilgrim's Menus (included in AY&F price):

First Course:
Mixed salad: lettuce, tomato, onion, tuna
Russion salad: potato salad with mayonaise and peas
Vegetable stew
Spaghetti with tomato sauce
Lentils, usually with some form of pork

Second Course (usually served with french fries):
Fried eggs
Pork back

Crème caramel
Cake (apple, chocolate, homemade)

In the restaurants, there are generally other vegetarian and vegan-friendly options such as pasta, salads, eggs, and fish that are not shown on the sample Pilgrim's Menu. We will ask participants to let us know about dietary restrictions in advance.


Each night, we will stay in pilgrim's hostels known as albergues in Spanish which are dormitory-style accommodations (included in AY&F price). For more information about these hostels, please visit this website:


Visit our Workshops/Retreats Page:
http://affordableyogafitness.com/pages/workshops-retreats - look for the Camino Retreat
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Gillian first hiked the Camino in July of 2013, starting in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and finishing 34 days later in Santiago de Compostela. Because she enjoyed the adventure so much, she has hiked portions of the trail each subsequent year and would now like to combine her love of the Camino and Yoga to create a unique experience for others. Gillian is a trained teacher in Sivananda (Hatha) and Kundalini yoga, as well as a Ballet Barre/Barre au Sol.

If you would like to read more about her adventures along the Camino, feel free to check out her blog here:


When signing up for this hike, you are acknowledging that you are physically able to hike at the pace of the group (about 3.5 km per hour or 17 mins per km) for at least 25 km per day, which is up to 8 hours of physical activity in potentially unpredictable weather conditions. Except in the cases of injury, the group will not be able to stop or slow down too much for those who are unable to keep the pace as it is important to make it to the final destinations on schedule.


In the event of a cancellation, refunds will be given as Affordable Yoga & Fitness account credit up until 10 days before the hike (October 16). After this date, no refunds will be available. Please email management@affordableyogafitness.com for all cancellation and refund requests.

Weather Cancellation Policy
- The hike will take place rain or shine so please be prepared for the forecast. However, the hike will not take place if the weather forecast is deemed too dangerous, which will be gauged in the weeks/days before the trip and communicated to the group. In this case, full refunds will be given as Affordable Yoga & Fitness account credit. Affordable Yga & Fitness reserve the right to cancel any or all of the outdoor yoga classes if the weather is too bad. No refund will be given.

Participation Policy
- There must be a minimum of 4 participants for the hike to take place by 1 week before the hike (October 19). If we do not have this number of participants, we will need to cancel the hike and refunds will be given in the form of Affordable Yoga & Fitness class credit.

We advise purchasing refundable train, plane, or bus tickets from and to Paris in the event of cancellation for any reason.

We hope to see you on the trail!
Learn More
Cold Season Transition: Nutrition Workshop with Guest Teacher Sun, 29 Oct 2017 at 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Cold Season Transition, Nutrition workshop with Endza Taffineau.
Sunday, October 29th 15h-17h *25€*

Cheers to crisp weather, cosy hoodies and comfort food !
The Cold Season Transition Workshop is designed to help you get through seasonal change, the end of summer
and the start of the school/work year - Winter and Autumn.

This two-hour workshop is divided into theory and practical. First, we will discuss the importance of adapting your diet to the winter season, which is Kapha season in Ayurveda. Some types of food are more important to keeping your energy balanced and steady during winter.

You will be able to ask anything related to nutrition and how+what to eat for a healthy mind (leading to a healthy body!).

Then, during the practical hour Endza will show you some quick and easy, plant-based sweet and savory recipes according to what you learn during the first part of the workshop.

You will be able to participate in the making and tasting of everything !

-Comfortable clothes


-Notepad and pen
-Water Bottle

This workshop is open to everyone interesting in learning more about nutrition and a healthy way of life.

Please verify class location or address on our schedule as we have several venues in Paris: http://www.affordableyogafitness.com/apps/mindbody/list-schedule Location details can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page: http://www.affordableyogafitness.com/pages/contact.

When you enter the building, look to follow the Affordable Yoga signs to your specific room. Any problems, follow link for teacher's phone numbers: http://www.affordableyogafitness.com/pages/contact

*Please note that there is limited mobile phone reception at the studios. If you need to contact the instructor, please do so at least 20 minute before the start of class. Since our teachers will be busy checking in students with their personal smartphones starting 15 minutes before class, please send a text as opposed to calling as they will most likely not be able to take a call. No communication will be possible after the start time of class.

Learn More