Our vision for this page, is to allow all those who are part of our growing community to connect more easily. We would like to invite all of our customers who are entrepreneurs, freelancers or who work for a company that stands for something they passionately believe in, to showcase what they do, thus facilitating an exchange of services between fellow yogis, people you know you can trust. Our community page will help you build your own community and meet new people with whom you’ll probably have a few things in common with. At Affordable Yoga & Fitness, our sense of community is one of the things that makes us great, we’d like to extend that to our clients.

We want to help you find services that you’re looking for in Paris – with people you can trust. We want to enable passionate entrepreneurs to put their info out there and connect with potential partners or clients.

If you wish to expand your community by having your details featured on this page – please get in touch with us



Photography & Video
Eliza Bourner - professional photographer, works in fashion photography. Based between Londona dn Paris

Agora Images - a fantastic app, amazing photos for sale at great prices

Naomi Lloyd - profession videos and video masterclasses
Cooking & Nutrition
Reask Nutrition - Endza is a great nutritionist, offering seminars and workshops in Paris
Yoga & Wellness
Rainbow Yoga - want to learn how to teach kids yoga? This is the place for you!

Cynthia Hayek - the best osteopath in town, our teachers regularly go to see her. She also offers anatomy workshops.

Louise Cutler - Californian/Swedish massage and delicious homemade bath bombs

Ilaria Rubei - Reiki treatments and attunement workshops.
Hair & Make Up
Coming Soon
Style & Fashion
The Style Bar - the person to call for all your fashion tips and personal shopping.
Charities & Non Profits
Purna Vidya - Guru Ammaji offers retreats, talks and friendly comprehensive learning programs about the spiritual ecology of India.
Graphic & Web Design
Relentless Movement - copywriting and marketing tips - Razwana is a pro!
Start-Ups that are making the world a better place
Paris Poppins - Myriam gives tips, places to go and things to see in Paris

Kourtney Arlhac - learn English in groups, private classes, preparation for TOEFL. Email Kourtney for more info:
"I have moved several places since beginning my practice in 2011 and I've had to constantly search out new studios in every city I've settled in (Washington, DC, Chicago, Paris, etc.). I have finally found my yoga "home" in Paris with Affordable Yoga and Fitness and I'm very grateful for this discovery." - Amanda Liles